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Look Beyond The Scale...

Most people come through our doors looking to “Lose weight”.

“Lose weight” is a very vague target/goal to set.  In fitness it is easy to get discouraged by the dreaded “scale” but the scale doesn’t tell the whole story.  Weight is a poor indicator of overall health because it can't distinguish between muscle or fat. If you are going to measure anything you have to measure lean body mass, body fat percentage and water weight.  

Introducing "InBody" Body Composition Scan

Your FirePower team is excited to introduce this new, non-evasive body composition measurement tool. In 30 seconds we can measure details of your body composition to see what you're made of. Coupled with your training and nutrition, we can see changes in your muscle mass, metabolism and body fat loss vs looking at a traditional scale alone.

Getting an InBody test with the support of a FirePower coach will help you A) measure your strength; B) manage your body fat; C) monitor your water; and D) track your progress.

$45 Initial InBody Test Includes:

  • 15 min session with Coach to perform scan and discuss results
  • A printed report you can bring to your doctor or health practitioner
  • Progress photo and circumference measurements (optional)

$75 Before & After InBody Scan Package Includes:

  • All initial scan benefits
  • 2 scans that can be used at your discretion; no expiration date (sorry - can not share a package)
  • Develop a course of action that will help you reach your goals
  • Side-by-side comparison report of measurements for ease of analysis

Many FirePower Nutrition Programs include an InBody scan. Speak with a coach or email info@reebokcrossfitfirepower.com to request details today!

Knowledge is power when you have it and put it to work in creating wise choices and decisions that support your desires. Track the direction of your results intelligently.



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